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IHG History

International Hospitals Group (IHG) was founded in 1978.

IHG's first healthcare project was in 1979 was with the Presidential Court of Abu Dhabi when the Ruler of Abu Dhabi, at that time, Sheik Zayed, asked his nephew Sheikh Suroor to establish a National Health Service in Abu Dhabi. IHG successfully assisted Sheikh Suroor in this major project by providing circa 70 healthcare experts who were resident in Abu Dhabi for eight years under the patronage of Sheikh Zayed, who was keen to improve healthcare services in Abu Dhabi.

IHG was therefore already well known to the UK Government when in 1980 the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) wanted to appoint, under a Government (Saudi) to Government (U.K.) contract, an international healthcare company to equip, manage, recruit  and train staff, transfer technology and to maintain its large Healthcare Campus (Medical City) with its brand new 500 bed King Khalid Hospital (K.K.H.) in Jeddah.  

IHG entered into this important turnkey contract with SANG and dynamically recruited circa 2,000 (IHG directly employed) staff, managed and operated, educated and trained staff at the K.K.H. After the K.K.H was successfully opened by IHG after commissioning and under IHG's ongoing operational management it was announced that the K.K.H. would be open to Saudi citizens and not limited to SANG. This contract was successful for the client SANG as IHG produced a high level of patient care (during twelve and a half years) and the contract was hence renewed every three years by SANG up to 1993.  IHG established a high reputation internationally for the K.K.H. under IHG's highest level Medical Ethics committee. IHG received various letters of acknowledgement and accolades for the high and consistent quality of IHG's turnkey management of this large Healthcare Campus from senior Royal Princes including further letters of commendation and thanks on IHG's successful handover after completion of the contract.

From its creation in 1978, IHG provided healthcare consultancy, hospital, commissioning, medical planning and equipping, project management and turnkey design and construction and related healthcare services to Governments, thereafter IHG's international healthcare business expanded rapidly, currently to 52 countries.

IHG subsequently entered into circa 480, healthcare contracts, which IHG has successfully completed on behalf of its many clients worldwide.

IHG also developed its UK healthcare services by working with more than 50 NHS Health Care Authorities and NHS Trusts, particularly in providing recruitment services with circa 15,000 staff being recruited for the NHS.  

IHG is part of the International Group. Founded in 1964, which currently also operates in the following industries around the world: management and operation of leisure and sports clubs, resorts and hotels branding, marketing and sales services in the luxury lifestyle, club and sports venue sectors, real estate development, product and packaging innovation.