IHG donates a Mortuary Cold Chamber at the Police Hospital, Accra to the Ministry of the Interior, Government of Ghana.

As part of IHG’s humanitarian response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IHG provided a new 112 body cold room contained within the new, part built mortuary at the new Police Hospital site in Accra. This was brought into operation by completing, on a charitable basis, the build, equipping and commissioning of the cold room and dedicated entrance area at the new mortuary site. IHG donated in excess of 600,000 cedis towards this charitable project.

The cold room facility was officially handed over to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), representing the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday 21st October by Chester King, Board Director IHG and also in attendance was the Rt. Hon Mark Simmonds (former UK Minister for Africa).

“As part of IHG’s global social corporate responsibility, we are very proud to support the outstanding work that the Government of Ghana has achieved during these unprecedented times. This donation will hopefully assist the Government of Ghana in its response to the Covid pandemic.” Chester King, Board Director, IHG.

Here is the article written in the Ghanaian Times: https://www.ghanaiantimes.com.gh/ihg-hands-over-mortuary-cold-chamber-to-police-hospital/