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International Hospitals Group (IHG) is the most experienced international healthcare services company, providing healthcare consultancy, turnkey design and construction of new hospitals, medical equipping and the operation and management of healthcare facilities around the world.

IHG has maintained is head office in the United Kingdom, since it was founded in 1978. However, it is a truly international company having successfully completed over 480 projects in 52 countries in both the private and public healthcare sector. Our clients have included 24 national governments, the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation. Since its formation IHG has recruited and trained over 15,000 staff.

IHG delivers expertise for its clients in the following areas:-

In addition IHG can combine all of the above to provide a “turnkey solution” for any hospital or healthcare facility anywhere in the world. This option provides the client with a fully comprehensive service from inception to completion thereby ensuring the shortest time for delivery and also minimising the risk of delays and cost increases. Following completion and commissioning IHG is able to provide operation and management services should these be required.

As an alternative to a “turnkey solution” IHG provides project management services supervising the design team, the contractors, and suppliers, thereby ensuring the most appropriate and cost effective design and implementation is achieved.

Since it was founded IHG has enjoyed the support of the British Government and the considerable benefit of being able to call on people from over 150 countries, who have trained and worked in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). The NHS is the world’s largest healthcare organisation with an annual budget of over £120 billion.

Using this unique resource combined with our worldwide experience built up over many decades IHG delivers high quality sustainable healthcare solutions for each client which are appropriate to a particular country’s needs.