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IHG Complete phase 1 feasibility and business planning project- Almaty, Kazhakstan

1 Aug 2014

AUGUST 2014: Kazhakstan – IHG completes phase 1 feasibility and business planning project to create the leading private hospital in Almaty for a major real estate developer in Kazhakstan.

Flag of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s principal city, Almaty, is its cultural, educational and financial centre. The idea of creating the Alma Ata Hospital is based on an overall concept of serving Almaty’s community needs and also to contribute to a rational transformation and Kazakhstan’s healthcare system. 

The city of Almaty has the population and rapid economic growth to support the development of a private multidisciplinary hospital and it will be located in a prominent location commensurate with its positioning as a high end service provider.

Although there has been an increase in health expenditure in Kazakhstan, the general health of the population has not improved significantly and many indicators still compare very poorly internationally. A key challenge in Kazakhstan relates to the regional inequalities in health financing, utilisation and health outcomes and although improvements have been made, there remain significant geographic differences. The poor status of the healthcare system in Kazakhstan has led to the development of a general ‘distrust’ of the sector, so much so that it could be as much as 12% of all international visits from Kazakhstan to foreign countries are for healthcare reasons.

Key elements of the development strategy that was developed by IHG were that a proportion of senior medical staff at the hospital are internationally qualified and experienced expatriates and the overall facility is also accredited by a well-known international quality programme. Additionally, it is proposed that the hospital is either managed or ‘attached’ to a leading international medical institution to ensure that the Alma-Ata brand is associated with high quality services and leading international partners.