Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies are essential when planning any new project and form the basis and foundation for successful project implementation. IHG is the most experienced provider of feasibility studies and business plans for private clients, health authorities and hospitals in the UK and internationally and it has developed a proven and robust methodology based on this experience. IHG has also completed a wide range of international healthcare consultancy and advisory projects meeting its client’s specific needs. This has resulted in an impressive track record in the primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare sectors for both Governments and private clients.

Converting the outline scope of services to be provided, as defined in a feasibility study, into a functional, safe, high quality and cost effective building design appropriate to local needs is a critical element of any project. This not only requires an in-depth knowledge of medical and other healthcare services, building design, architecture, mechanical and electrical and IT service provision but also a comprehensive understanding of how a hospital works on a day to day basis. IHG brings these functions together and combines them with specific local requirements to ensure the hospital is suited to the environment in which it is constructed and delivers high quality healthcare delivery through cost effective low maintenance building solutions.

The construction phase of the project requires skilful and experienced project management to ensure it is completed to the required standard on time and within budget. IHG can bring both UK and international experience to the construction phase of the project, providing knowledge and capability in regard to local building techniques and a sensitivity to local culture that enables efficient management of local sub contractors. The involvement of IHG throughout all phases of the project ensures the earliest delivery of healthcare services by minimising the delays caused by gaps between each phase.

The scheduling, specificying, supply and installation of appropriate medical equipment is a complex operation involving coordination with manufacturers, architects, structural engineers, M & E consultants, clinical staff and the project management team. IHG has many years’ experience of undertaking this process and can bring financial benefit to the project through its substantial purchasing power and knowledge of the equipment marketplace. IHG is totally manufacturer independent, which ensures that the most appropriate, economically advantageous and highest quality equipment is selected.

Medical equipment input is necessary from the earliest stages of any healthcare project design to ensure that the facility provides the correct envelope and range of building services to accommodate all the requirements of the planned equipment.

The commissioning of new healthcare facilities requires a complex range of skills and the application of detailed operational experience to ensure that the planned benefits of any new facility are achieved quickly and that the facilities are brought to an operational state at the earliest time and in the most efficient manner.

The process requires the careful co-ordination of equipment installation, staff recruitment, training and the development and implementation of workable operational policies, procedures and systems in a completely new environment.  It requires detailed planning and project management of the highest quality.

The IHG Commissioning Team will work alongside local staff to guide the project during the commissioning programme, whilst at the same time providing a transfer of skills as appropriate to those who will eventually be responsible for working in the operational facility.